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About Us:
We are a group of legalization and education recruiting experts from all across the globe, and we are specialized in providing high quality education recruitment and legalization services to our clients. Our clients consists of schools and various companies throughout the world. At INC, we work hard to insure the highest quality of services to all our clients. Feel free to contact an INC agent today for more information.

What our customers had to say !

INC ​​International notarization

"​​INC was able to legalize my documents without the hassle of requesting me to return to the US to get my degree legalized. They also maintained contact with my school to make sure that my documents were expedited on time to complete my working visa in China...."

Tasha Owens
Tallahasse, Florida

"​​​A friend of mine introduced meto INC. He informed me that INC offers excellent education placement services as well as assistance with legalization of degrees. I was overwhelmed with all the rules of teaching abroad; however, INC's all in one services put me at ease.  The only thing I had to focus on was teaching my students........"

Martin Hayes
Boston Massachusetts

Legalization and Notarization Services

Do you need to obtain legalization of transcripts, degrees or other important documents for use overseas? Obtaining legaliztion of your documents can be a long, lengthy and complicated process. Many other agencies may not be familiar with the exact specifications on how to authenticate your documents correctly.
At INC, we understand that it can be daunting and difficult explaining the needs and urgency to have your documents legalized. That is why you should only have your documents handled by professionals who know exactly what they are doing. The professionals at INC have been working with international schools and companies throughout countries in Japan, China, Hong Kong and South Korea just to name a few. As a promise, we will epedite your documents to you quicky and professionally; contact an INC agent today about how we can assist you with all of your legalization needs.

Chinese Tourist,Student,Work,Visas

Are you preparing to work,study or travel to China? Feel free to contact an INC agent today to inquire about our Chinese visa services. Our INC professionals will insure that you have the neessary Chinese visa just in time for your next trip. Call or email an INC agent today to start your Chinese visa application. 

Free pick up and delivery service of visas in Hong Kong 

- Free pick-up and delivery service for the following areas:
Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok, Kowloon Bay, Wan Chai, Central-

- An additional fee will be charged for other areas
* Delivery service is not applicable to outlying islands.

. Customers will be required to provide a complete address of hotel or current residence to insure prompt delivery.

-Applicants can also use wechat to select an optional place of business for pickup or delivery. INC's current wechat is pelcc852. Failed pickup deliveries will be returned to the office of INC.

- If the customer is not available to pick up their passport, as agreed we will leave a notification card at their current place of residence which will kindly the customer contact us for self-pickup.p

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Our Price Guarantee Match Policy

We are in the business of offering the lowest possible prices to our customers on a regular basis. As a promise, we will match any competitors service offers with regard to legalization of US degrees for use in China, Korea or Hong Kong. Please see special rules, regulations and conditions below.
Customer must provide detail pricing get of all fees and services for the document(s) which need to be processed. A website verifying the fees and services should be submitted to INC to take advantage of the price match offer. The price matching fee must exclude any intercontinental US or international fees.
Customers taking advantage of this offer will not be allowed to use price match guarantee if they have already purchased INC services for for the documents which need to be authorized.
INC will ONLY attempt to match any competitors offers only. If INC cannot provide the customer with a competitive offer, then the customer will have to pay the stipulated pricing agreement as promoted by INC associates.

Why Choose INC Services

We at INC will insure that we meet the needs and standards of each of our customers. As an international notarization agent, we have years of experience in the field of notarizing various types of documents. We will work hard to cooperate with your school or business employer to make sure that your documents are expedited and professionally notarized in the quickest time possible.
We have a team of INC agents working around the clock in areas such as London, Washington D.C, Sydney and Toronto, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. They are are all certified notarization specialist who trained in the field notarization.
Who would you trust more than a field experts who know exactly the specifics of how your documents should be notarized. Obtain notarization of your degree, transcripts or business documents by contacting an INC agent today at: or at and don't forget our price guarantee match policy.