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 International Job Placement Services 

INC is currently offering professional recruitment services for international job seekers.
jobs at INC
  1. Location
    Experience Required
  2. Mainland China
    12,000rmb to 25,000rmb
    1 to 2 years
    Marketing Agent, Sales, Education, Marketing Manager, Quality Control
  3. Hong Kong
    22,000 hkd to 35,000hkd
    2 years
    Education, App specialists, Sales, Marketing, Computer Analyst
  4. Singapore
    1,500usd to 4,000usd
    2 years
    Sales Manager, Early Childhood Educator, Quality Control Agent, Translator
  5. Vietnam
    1,200usd to 3,000usd
    1 to 2 years
    Translator, Accountant, Secretary, Quality Control officer, ESL teacher
  6. Cambodia
    800usd to 2,000usd
    1 to 2 years
    Accountant, Translator Early Childhood Education, Sales Agent
  7. South Korea
    1,800usd to 3,500usd
    2 years
    Foreign Trade Specialist, Accountant, Translator, ESL educator
  8. Taiwain
    1,300usd to 2,500usd
    2 years
    ESL Educator, Quality Control Agent, Translator, Marketing Agent
  9. Japan
    1,200 usd to 3,000 usd
    1 to 2 years
    Computer specialist, Translator, App specialist, ESL Eduactor
  10. Qatar
    1,300usd to 2,500usd
    2 years
    Computer analyst, Translator, Preschool teacher, Quality Control Agent
  11. United Arab Emirates
    1,500 to 3,500 usd
    1 to 2 years
    Early Childhood Educator, Sales Manager, Operations Manger, Accountant, Translator
How to apply for one of our ESL Teaching positions at INC
If you are interested in working abroad, please contact us using the form below.

1. Provide us with a complete and detail resume, which includes previous work experience and qualifications as an ESL teacher.

Step 2 
Once your application is accepted, we will arrange an interview with your future employer.

3. If both sides agree with the salary, benefits and other conditions of the school, a legal contract will be signed.

What should you do before leaving your country?
1. You should have both your degree and criminal background check notarized by the Chinese Consulate. An INC agent can assist you if needed.

2. You should obtain a passport. If you already have a passport, please be sure that you have at least four pages remaining to process your working visa.

Reminder: Criminal background checks must not be older than 6 months.
Where are you interested in working?